My treasured spots in LA: What makes and keeps me happy

Echo Park

There is the very social side of the park where fashionable friends drink, laugh, smoke and reconnect over large picnic blankets.

Then there is the family side where all the Latino families eat killer street food and gather to watch and laugh as their children, nieces, nephews run around them.

I like the grassy space in between, with the lovers, hobos and dog owners.


There is a sweet spot between Santa Monica and Venice. There are actually multiple, but I like the one with the bright red umbrellas.

Perry’s is the first place I came to in LA after our cross-country road trip ended, my friends left and all that remained was myself and the unfamiliar chaos around me.

This beachside sandy cafe with overpriced food and perfect lounging chairs was my solace. It’s a place where I could sit in the LA heat and observe.. Observe my new home and my new city.
Surfers walk to the waves, tourists zip and zoom on their bikes, scooters also searching for that perfect LA. I feel safest when I get to study people and observe, and Perry’s gives me that along with great sunburns.

If I ever am at a wall and need a fresh look at things I sit in their lounge chairs, soak in the heat and observe the beach life and the different kinds of people that zoom by. I then take in my fresh breath, my new thoughts and head back downtown where I belong.

The Last Bookstore

My mysterious place with unending inspiration and novelty & where I hope to find myself.


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