big cities.

I forget there are trees out there.


REAL trees, that moan and sway in the wind.

Grass you lay in that itches your skin.

And I forget about the the immensity of the ocean,

It’s daunting salty smell of mystery, power and sound.

As you wake up your kids, park your car, talk on the phone, buy brunch,intagram brunch, watch the news, bitch about the news, clock in eight hours, sleep three hours, buy beer, do homework, get stuck on the 405, fill your gas, lose your wallet, lose your virginity, lose yourself, lose your mind..

There are waves.Never ending waves, crashing louder than voices to be heard.

They were crashing before you and will crash after you.

Towering rocks stand still, and longingly above.

And there is,

Fresh air



sounds of silence.


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